Behind every powerful girl is another powerful girl


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Together, we want to help make your dreams our collective reality.

Project YouDoYou was born with a mission to lift up girls nationwide, sparking ways for you to learn, share, make, and do.
Whatever your passion, your skill, your thing, it’s about taking positive action. 
And when you do, you can create positive change for us all.


Our name – “Project YouDoYou” –  celebrates your uniqueness and supports your individuality.
Our goal is for us all to come together, in support of each other, to make this world a stronger, brighter, kinder place.
We believe in our power and strength, together, to make a positive impact on our world.

So, go out there and “You Do You”, because behind every powerful girl… is another powerful girl!


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On May 4th, Project YouDoYou is partnering with Snapchat, and influencers such as Collins Key and Aija Mayrock, to show our support for Anti-Bullying Day.

Share your own message of support by using one of our custom filters and then check out our national story.
It’s more important than ever that we have each other’s back. When we come together, anything is possible.

Join us as we show the world there is no place for bullies.

Remember, behind every powerful girl, is another powerful girl!

Get Involved

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When we launched in December, 2017, we joined forces with iHeart and Instagram’s “#kindcomments campaign” to spread more kindness online.
The beautiful and talented Camilla Cabello helped us kick things off, relaying to her followers the importance of providing support for each other in today's highly interconnected world. Every action, big or small, can truly make an impact.

On Instagram, make a #kindcomment on your friend’s post, or to someone in your life that you admire for doing what they do.

Make sure to use #kindcomments #projectyoudoyou and #Z100jingleball.



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